A Unique and Interactive Shutdown Project Simulation Course

Operators of industrial facilities now face increasing pressure to deliver commercially successful operations within tight operating margins. It is therefore essential that they plan, schedule, and deliver shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages on time and on budget.

TARfighter is a unique and interactive shutdown project simulation course that will equip you with leading-edge techniques to master end-to-end shutdown and turnaround management. Work through challenges and events and make decisions in this true to life simulation.

TARfighter will take you through all stages of a turnaround project including:

  •     Intervention – building your team to challenge a critical shutdown
  •     Scoping – optimize turnaround scope and define pre/post turnaround activities
  •     Detail Planning – creating turnaround quality assurance and control plans
  •     Execution – productively managing turnaround (meetings, safety, control of work)
  •     Project Evaluation - analyze your performance and identify areas for future improvement

"I have had the unique opportunity to implement turnaround best practices at various sites and this is the first course that I have been able to attend that provides real consequences and impacts of decisions made during the long range planning phase and the  turnaround work execution phase."  - Turnaround Manager, Flint Hills Resources

“Very valuable preparation for me and my team to master our upcoming Shutdowns”  - Head of Global Turnaround Management, Bayer MaterialScience

“Good training to understand the many interdependencies experienced during a TAR” - TAR Planning Manager, BP

“A beneficial, challenging learning experience - perfectly organized.” – Senior Turnaround Consultant, BASF