Breakthrough Environment, Health and Safety Management –Driving Operational Excellence and Sustainable Business Performance

Join fellow SAP customers and partners in New Orleans for the SAP Conference for Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management to learn the latest news, innovations, and best practices for leveraging EHS to improve business performance in the asset-intensive industries, including energy and resources, process and discrete manufacturing, consumer products, and transportation. This event will provide opportunities for you to  learn from and share with your fellow EHS and IT leaders to take meaningful action in your organization to improve EHS.
Effective management of  EHS risks that can adversely impact people, assets, and the environment is essential for sound corporate performance. Simply meeting regulations is no longer sufficient.  Instead, a proactive approach to reducing risks is needed to achieve safe, sustainable operations. Furthermore, product safety  and chemical management regulations, as well as industry-driven standards, are growing exponentially, requiring compliance activities and controls throughout the product lifecycle in an integrated and comprehensive way. Companies must find a way to use the wealth of EHS and operational data to which they have access to work smarter, faster, and simpler in the new manufacturing environment.

The challenge is how to optimize EHS processes to add value to the business. In the past, the EHS business function has been somewhat isolated from core business operations, resulting in excessive risk, cost, and inefficiencies. Today, industry leaders are moving from plant-based compliance to an enterprise-wide risk-based approach that systematically embeds EHS into day-to-day operations. If done right, such integration enables EHS to be transformed from a compliance burden to vital contributor to key business initiatives such as sustainable innovation and operational excellence that enable an enterprise to grow with confidence.    

Join us February 24-25 for the single largest North America gathering of the SAP EHS community in 2015.  There will be an open exchange of innovative ideas on solutions, best practices and lessons for enabling enterprise EHS management systems.  At this unique event, you will learn first-hand from SAP customers and experts how SAP solutions can help transform your organization by cost-effectively operationalizing EHS activities and requirements, and ultimately enable innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth. 

The event brochure is still under production. Please request a copy of the 2015 brochure by filling out our form, and please check back frequently for updates.