Client-commissioned Studies

T.A. Cook Research performs study projects and analyses for individual clients. Here we use a broad set of market researching methods and draw on expansive and established surveys with high response rates in various fields.

The focus lies on chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, food products and FMCG, paper and energy supplies. Our clients are large asset-intensive corporations from the process industry as well as companies from the fields of industry service, engineering, equipment or IT that offer products or services in the industry fields listed above.

Subjects for client-commissioned studies:

  • Individual market and subject analyses
  • Benchmark determinations
  • Market analyses for (new) products and services
  • Best practice in the field of organization and business processes
  • Competition analysis and observation
  • Client and employee surveys

The following market research methods, among others, are used in our projects:

  • Implementing surveys via the internet
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative telephone interviews (CATI method)
  • Researching the data and information in the industrial context
  • Benchmark analysis by using extensive data banks and indicators on maintenance, turnarounds and production

Study results and analyses are prepared for internal use as well as for implementation in the context of PR and marketing. The results can be presented in common workshops on site upon request.

Our Core Competencies

The research department focusses on market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. In addition to client commissioned research projects, we offer a wide range of different benchmarks in maintenance, production and turnarounds as well as reports on current industry topics. Moreover, the department publishes yearbooks on maintenance and turnarounds.