About us

The research division concentrates on market and business analyses in the context of Asset Performance Management.

The focus lies on individual studies for clients, commissioned by asset intensive companies from the process industry as well as infrastructure and industry service providers. T.A. Cook Research uses a broad set of market researching methods and draws on expansive and established survey sample groups with high response rates in various fields. Study results and analyses are prepared for internal use as well as for implementation in the context of PR and marketing.

The division regularly publishes its own studies on the subject of maintenance and turnarounds in a multi-client format. Interested companies have the opportunity to participate as a partner and pose their own questions, or they can profit from the results by purchasing the study.

On the basis of extensive data banks on productivity in maintenance as well as indicators and KPIs, the division also offers individual benchmarks for companies in the process industry and its service providers. In addition to the individual creation of benchmark reports according to the desired criteria, a company’s own values can be compared. Benchmarks are offered in detail for the following subjects:

  • Productivity in maintenance
  • Indicators and KPIs (maintenance, turnarounds, Capex projects)
  • Turnarounds/shutdowns
  • Capex projects
  • Occupational health and safety and the safety culture

Publications round off the service portfolio. In professional articles and interviews, experts from the field report about trends and concrete projects. At the same time, companies use the media as a platform to present their own services and products.

Our Core Competencies

The research department focusses on market and company analyses in the area of Asset Performance Management. In addition to client commissioned research projects, we offer a wide range of different benchmarks in maintenance, production and turnarounds as well as reports on current industry topics. Moreover, the department publishes yearbooks on maintenance and turnarounds.