In-house Seminars

Compact and concise, our in-house seminars deliver relevant, practical knowledge in a short space of time. We equip management and employees in your company with the skills and information that they really need. You choose the range of topics, the time and the place and we tailor the content to your company's specific objectives to ensure the most effective transfer of knowledge and know-how. Delegates are given the opportunity to develop solutions, which can then be implemented in practice. This is why in-house seminars have an immediate positive impact as well as facilitating long-term, sustainable improvement.

Another advantage of in-house events is that they are cost effective. You can generally expect to save costs with a minimum of just four participants and, in the case of larger groups, savings of over 30 percent per person are often feasible.

The benefits of in-house seminars are plain to see:

  •  Optimum knowledge transfer through customised course design and delivery
  •  Time and place can be decided in accordance with your needs and resources
  •   You save money – and time

We would be glad to put together an offer for in-house training adapted exclusively to your needs

Our Competency

T.A. Cook Conferences has successfully organized conferences and seminars on the topics of Asset & Maintenance Management,  Project Management, Energy and selected SAP solutions for more than a decade. At our regular events, industry experts and practitioners from well-known companies report on the latest innovative solutions in the areas of organization, management and next-generation technologies.