Conference Agenda - Thursday 7 December

Conference Registration and Coffee
Chairman's Opening Remarks and Welcome
End-to-End Turnaround Best Practice Case Study

Our agenda will kick off with a case study outlining the end-to-end project experience from a recent major turnaround. From pre-project planning, through to execution management, contractor engagement, budgeting, and project successes and learnings, you will hear the full story, directly from those who lived and breathed it.

Cost Estimating and Controlling

In terms of Opex and Capex, turnarounds come at a significant expense. If poorly managed, that expense will only grow. In this case study, hear how a practitioner has focussed on ways to improve cost estimating and execution. From stage gate approval processes, to effective project scoping and contingency planning, learn how you can ultimately plan the commercials for your turnaround.

Intelligent Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Reduced Turnaround Duration

Any turnaround that is not effectively scoped and planned, with a robust critical path, is doomed to fail. In this case study, an experienced turnaround planning and scheduling professional will take you through advanced turnaround scope management methodology. From optimizing your critical path, planning and scheduling performance, key project controls, and common pitfalls, you will leave this presentation with a robust insight into how to (and how not to) prepare for your next turnaround project.

Speaker Q&A and Discussion
Morning Coffee Break
Contractor Management and Selection

In this case study, you will hear best practice and lessons learned when it comes to contractor strategy and selection. Discuss tips for KPIs and remuneration, contractor integration, communication and negotiation, and proven contract formulation strategies.

World Class Safety Management for Turnaround Contracting – The Owner/Operator’s Role

Following the discussion on contractor management and selection, we will move on to address world class turnaround safety. Hear how an end-user is embedding a robust safety culture at the heart of their turnaround strategy. Learn how they sought leadership buy-in and implemented world class process and behavioural safety principles, executed in the field by both contractors and owner/operator employees alike.

Speaker Q&A and Discussion
Lunch Break
Round Table Discussions

Our break out round tables will allow you to join with a group of peers for discussion on key themes, split between project preparation, project execution and project evaluation.

Each round table will run for 30 minutes, allowing you to move between two sessions in the course of the hour.

Round Table 1: Project Preparation

Our round table host will lead discussion and prompt debate around turnaround project preparation – from critical path building, maintenance planning and scheduling, budgeting, and preparing your team.

Round Table 2: Project Execution

Your turnaround is underway. This is a fast moving and high pressured time, where decisions need to made quickly. Discuss and debate the importance of leadership, and interpreting data and events as they happen.

Round Table 3: Project Evaluation

Using a recent turnaround case study as a working example, take this opportunity to consider successes, learnings, and what you might do differently next time.

Afternoon Coffee Break
Aligning and Developing your Team in order to Deliver Turnarounds On-Time and On-Budget – Pitfalls and Learnings

All successful turnaround projects require an aligned team – on contractor and operator side – working together in one direction. In this case study, hear how an experienced TAR Manager has developed the right support at the right levels, ensured leadership support, and steered their team in the right direction. Discuss engagement plans and implementation, assessment and measurement, and how you can effectively bring your team along with you (even when not everyone is initially willing to come along).

Turnaround Risk Management Methodologies

We will close the event with a real-life look into risk management methodologies that have allowed turnaround practitioners to plan, schedule and execute successful turnarounds. Discover how the operator has used a scope optimization tool to drive risk based scope discussions, defined mandatory and non-mandatory scope to complete risk assessments, and evaluated cost/benefit factors.

Speaker Q&A and Discussion
Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference