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Two Back-to-Back Events - Choose your Event, or Attend the Entire Three Days!

One Objective – To Bring Your Shutdown And Turnaround Project In On Time and On Budget

Turnarounds are often the most expensive and time consuming technical projects industries face, due to loss of production and the immense expense of a turnaround itself. Each day a plant is shut down, a company can lose millions of dollars. As a result, companies are continuously searching for innovative and cost effective ways to improve their shutdown and turnaround processes. We are pleased to offer two unique turnaround events to help you save time and reduce the costs of your next shutdown and turnaround project.

TARfighter Shutdown and Turnaround Project Simulation Workshop

Tuesday December 5 – Wednesday December 6, 2017

The TARfighter shutdown and turnaround project simulation workshop provides real life scenarios to teach specific methods of practice and leading-edge techniques to manage shutdowns and turnarounds. The simulation takes you through the four critical phases of a shutdown/turnaround project, allowing participants to take on the Project Manager role,  managing typical events and conflicts, while making decisions to meet all objectives of a complex turnaround project. Assisted by our expert facilitators, attendees will be split into small groups where they will really take the driving seat, making key decisions and reacting to changing scenarios as the simulation advances.

  • Intervention – building your team to challenge a critical shutdown
  • Scoping – optimize turnaround scope and define pre/post turnaround activities
  • Detail Planning – creating turnaround quality assurance and control plans
  • Execution – productively managing turnaround (meetings, safety, control of work)

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Shutdowns and Turnarounds Best Practice Conference

Thursday December 7, 2017

This information packed event features case studies from leading shutdown and turnaround managers, to provide you with a thorough understanding of proven strategies and tools for effective turnaround management. The latest trends and issues will be discussed, as well as impressive examples of recently completed turnarounds; focusing on the challenges and success stories. In addition, attendees will have ample opportunities to network and have their toughest turnaround questions answered.

Join us for this comprehensive event where you will learn best practices including:

  • Methodologies for developing precise cost estimates
  • Planning and scheduling techniques to ensure turnarounds are completed on time and to cost
  • Developing a risk based methodology to optimize turnaround scope
  • Best practices and points for improvement when executing large turnarounds
  • Effective contactor selection and management strategies
  • Keys to improving safety during your turnaround
  • Aligning and developing your maintenance team in order to deliver complex turnarounds

Don’t miss these unique opportunities to take away new methodologies, best practices, and key techniques and tools that will immediately save you time and money.