Turnarounds (TARs) are scheduled events when one or multiple process units of an industrial plant are taken off line to carry out required maintenance and/or renewal work. The TAR optimization program is designed to review all significant and success-critical elements of TAR preparation and execution. This program can identify optimization potential and assist with the design and implantation of improvements. We understand TARs have unique project management characteristics and these challenges feature in our animated Turnaround Optimization diagram below. Our case studies on the right demonstrate how we work.

Vermeidung unnötiger KostenOptimierung Teil-/Gesamtabstellung
Optimierung des ProjektumfangsStrategie zu Projektumfängen/-inhalten
Infrastruktur und LogistikTAR Process
Risiko ManamgementIntegration Investitionsprojekte
Unterstützung in der AUsführungsphaseEntwicklung Mitarbeiterfähigkeiten
TAR Stage/Gate Process


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Shutdowns & Outages
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Our Core Competencies

We are a management consulting firm focusing on asset performance management and offer our clients expertise in the areas of asset availability, budgeting and controlling resources, capital expenditure management, change management, contractor management, energy improvement, equipment improvement, spare parts management, maintenance strategies, planning and scheduling processes, productivity enhancement, SAP utilization and, in the case of refineries, turnaround and shutdown management.