Process Safety Management & Site Service
Process safety management (PSM) doesn’t just protect employees, the general public and the environment from harm, it also has the capacity to increase the profitability of a company. It’s not a management program but a best-practice health and safety strategy involving PSM standards and everyone on site. We work with a range of major clients in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas industries and understand the regulatory requirements. We support by strategically aligning all the individual activities involved in major process-related events, whether technical or occupational, to optimise site services and improve your facilities reliability. Our safety-first approach features in the animated process safety management model below and in our case studies on the right.

Effective Site Service
Gesetzliche PrüfungTransport und Logistik
EnergieversorgungEnergie- und Medienversorgung
EDV DienstleistungenLabor / Analyse
Service-orientierte Standortdienste
Management Systems Assurance
Sicherheit, Gesundheits- und UmweltschutzSicherheitstrainings
RisikomanagementSicherheits- und Risikobeurteilungen
ArbeitserlaubnisscheinwesenCompliance Management


Practice Leader
PSM & Site Service
Pierre-Emmanuel Jouy
Tel.: +49 (0)30 88 43 07-27

Our Core Competencies

We are a management consulting firm focusing on asset performance management and offer our clients expertise in the areas of asset availability, budgeting and controlling resources, capital expenditure management, change management, contractor management, energy improvement, equipment improvement, spare parts management, maintenance strategies, planning and scheduling processes, productivity enhancement, SAP utilization and, in the case of refineries, turnaround and shutdown management.