Training and coaching enables successful transition to SAP at global petrochemical plant


The client is a leading global producer of intermediate chemistries and technologies that add value to their customers worldwide.  Concerns about one of the site’s conversion to SAP and its ability to provide the appropriate end-user training prompted the engagement of T.A. Cook to support the effort.

Approach and Objectives

The approach defined by the client’s SAP conversion team and T.A. Cook was to work together to develop, deliver and coach Operations and Maintenance personnel on how to utilize SAP in their daily maintenance job functions. The decision was made to provide both formal classroom training sessions as well as live, one-on-one coaching support as end-users put the training into practice.

Elements of SAP Transition, Training and Coaching

The approach was divided into the following three sections:

1. Development of training material
A comprehensive list of all the necessary training materials was created for each applicable SAP transaction code. Each team member was then given responsibility to create training materials for specific transaction codes, while the team determined and agreed the best format for presenting the training material.  Finally, a time line was set and agreed with daily wrap-up meeting to ensure progress as planned.

2. Delivery of training sessions
The schedule was developed and agreed with both Operations and Maintenance management to accommodate all end-users with the appropriate training according to their specific Roles and Responsibilities. Each team member was then assigned to conduct training sessions based on the schedule. Training sessions were delivered over a three-week period with make-up sessions scheduled over the following two weeks.

3. Live one-on-one coaching
Each team member was assigned an area of the plant, and then spent all day at end-users’ computers coaching them on how to apply the skills and behaviors learned in training. As a result, end-users quickly developed a mechanical understanding of how to utilize SAP.


The Transition to SAP was very successful and enabled end-users to perform their daily activities utilizing SAP. Some onsite work still needs to be done regarding some of the processes supported by SAP. Refining these processes will allow for the full utilization of SAP while eliminating the need for most spreadsheets and emails currently utilized.