T.A. Cook fields of expertise


Our consulting projects are mainly focused on the implementation of new working processes. As a result, we analyze each site individually and according to its unique context, striving to find the best solutions and working with the client to put them in place sustainably. As the key to our success comes from direct contact with client staff onsite, it is usually necessary to be there, with the client, 5 days a week.

Our teams are made up of experienced consultants, affording a depth and variety of capabilities that can be tailored specifically to the client´s needs. On all projects, each consultant takes on tasks which are both challenging and provide the exposure needed to develop and build on the necessary skillsets.


In our conferencing department Production, Logistics, Operations, Sponsorship and Marketing Managers work together to ensure that our events are always executed according to the highest organizational and quality standards. That requires a high degree of initiative and flexibility on the part of our colleagues, qualities which we consider to be vital. The team is made up of a range of professionals whose coordination and communication skills enable them to keep a clear head and stay focused even when things get hectic.