Our principle

Since the scope of our consulting work is usually defined by an agreed strategy, our projects can focus upon alignment and sustainable implementation. In essence, we consider our consulting assignment to be a personal obligation to our client.

For us, implementation consulting means:

  • an uncompromising drive to understand your company
  • thinking and speaking like your company
  • deliberate, close contact with your employees
  • willingness to encounter day-to-day problems and issues
  • strategic vision and the ability to achieve consensus in a team
  • small implementation steps at an early stage to achieve quick successes

One effect of implementation consultancy is high customer satisfaction due to the realization of goals; we are also glad to conclude these based on results.

In line with our guiding priciple:
T.A. Cook Consultants ... accelerating business performance

Management Team

Frank-Uwe Hess Co-CEO
Markus Treiber Co-CEO
Thomas A. Cook Senior Vice President, Finance
Dirk Frame Senior Vice President, Europe
Dieter Körner Senior Vice President, North America
Philip Morel Senior Vice President, Global Accounts & Asia
Jerry Wanichko Vice President Consulting, North America