T.A. Cook is an international management consulting company for asset management and operations management. Our customers are large, capital-intensive companies, leading medium-sized companies and infrastructure service providers from the process and utility industries.

With analytical expertise and the excellent skills needed to get things done, we implement sustainable increases in productivity. 

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T.A. Cook Consultants sees itself as an intelligent provider of management and technology services. The corresponding specialist expertise is a crucial prerequisite in order to meet today's quality requirements.

On the other hand, to achieve a close, trusting working relationship, the "chemistry" also has to be right. Consequently it is important to us that our staff members are professionals with the requisite ...

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Our company is successful thanks to its successful, satisfied clients.

Over 150 clients and numerous projects documents this success. Our close, trusting working relationship with our clinets is based above all on our staff members‘ social skills.

A selection from our client list is available here.

Our Consulting Brochure

Find out how T.A. Cook can help accelerate your business by downloading our
Asset Performance Management brochure here.


T.A. Cook has been supporting social projects and charitable organizations for many years, for instance with annual Christmas fundraisers for selected projects or with our "20 good deeds" campaign in 2014.
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